08 May 2017

Clarity > Certainty

Over the weekend a wrote a long and detailed pitch for why Clarity is more important than Certainty in planning (and in general). I decided late last night that that was too straight forward; specifically it provided too much certainty.

So I deleted it and started again.

The details of any plan are more or less a guideline for how to get from point A to point B. We all know and have experienced having to change the plan once we confront reality. There are plenty of historical quotes about this and much has been written on the topic. I summarize all of this by placing Clarity over Certainty. 

If we know where we are heading and staying focused on that objective, more or less the details will work themselves out. The trick is to make absolutely clear what the final state objective is, account for all the conditions, and then move forward.

Clarity is more important than Certainty.

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