05 March 2017

I'm a PO and so should you!

The role of a Product Owner (PO) is a fascinating one. Product Ownership is a crazy journey mixing business acumen, technical savvy, organizational skills, and patience. Interestingly it is very similar to the role of Architect. Much of the job is a creative process, translating the needs of the business into a plan of execution. This task is not for the faint of heart. 

In my career I've played the role of Product Owner several times. It has been simultaneously the most exhilarating and frustrating experience. On the one had you get to be in charge. You have been handed the responsibility of defining something on behalf of the business. It's a way to make your mark on the world. On the other hand you have an almost infinite number of choices to make, plans to define, and assertions to prove while simultaneously enrolling others in your vision.

I propose that everyone should have the experience of Product Ownership for at least several weeks or months. Developers, Managers, and others fail to appreciate the dichotomy of emotions experienced by the PO. Gaining that perspective will change how we work with the PO. 

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