15 March 2017


So this is just a quick post about Fist of Five. We use Fo5 all the time to determine if we have consensus or have confidence in something in our team. Our problem is that we are mostly distributed. So this makes the process of counting up scores hard, in particular if a number of people are in the same place. We've been looking for better ways to do this. 

Today (8 Mar 2017) I went looking for a solution to this issue. I found this cool little application. It solves most of the problem I think. We still have an issue where we have a room full of people who are not on their own machines, how will they vote. For now, we will have the room vote and if they don't agree with the rest of the team we'll just trigger the conversation. Still, I think this is better than nothing, and better than counting hands through a web-cam.

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