13 October 2017

Criticism -- You're language is no good

So I was reading an article the other day, suggested by someone I work with, and it had some very disparaging things to say about Java. 

It got me thinking, why does Java have a reputation for being overly verbose and full of interfaces and such. C# seems to have a similar reputation. 

But heres the thing, it's not the language that's doing all that. Its the frameworks, the books, and the people. The language doesn't care.

I have to agree that Java has some overhead involved just by its very nature, but it is mostly easy to use otherwise. Sure, it's statically typed and has some limitations (though gradually many of those are going away) but the language doesn't force you into creating a bunch of interfaces and having super complex structures to get things done. 

So why do we keep beating up on the language? Why, instead, are we not critical of the people who write the code like that? And the designers who create frameworks that force us to write code like that. 

I'll admit, I've written some insanely complicated Java in my time, but I learned that I wasn't getting any advantage from doing so and I quit doing it. Now, for the most part, my Java is pretty clean and simple. At least as much as I can make it be within the limitations of the language. 

I have read a fair amount of open source code. Not as much as others, but certainly my fair share. I think some of the code out there is way over complicated. Sometimes its just down right ridiculous. And it doesn't matter if it's Java or Python or Ruby or anything else. So why does Java (or C#) get the bad rap? 

I'm heading somewhere with this line of thinking, but I'm not sure where yet. I've been trying to get this much out of my head for 3 days. It's hard to do without sounding like a lunatic.

More later I hope. 

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