06 September 2017


I was supposed to post about test driving regex today. I failed. I've become very busy, and that is making it hard to get posts with code done. I'll try again for Friday. 

While you are waiting, I have something to say about Zombies. I saw a tweet today about Scrum;

Consider this, by normalizing the social DNA of your team you are creating Zombies. As we all know, zombies are bad. Zombies are scary. Zombies eat your brains!

I'm not dissing Scrum per se, but what I am saying is that normalization for the sake of normalization is bad. Normalization should be in the eye of the beholder; a team should find a norm that works for them and use that to their advantage. Please don't get hooked on someone else's normal. 

Every team should develop practices and procedures that work for _them_ and _not_ use any practices or procedures that _don't_ work for them. 

Don't be a Scrum Zombie!

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